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i'm a louis girl, calum girl and zayn girl. (lowkey michael girl shhh)

i ship lashton and larry with a passion

the blog

the majority of my blog will be 1d and 5sos but there will be other bands as well. everything i post is tagged

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i do NOT tolerate louis hate. if i see it on my dash i will unfollow you.


currently working on a lashton fic and also planning a lashton purge au !

last unfollowing spree was on 11/7

i wrote a new lashton fic on 15/8

i wrote a new malum fic on 5/7

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switch out the batteries (larry)

latch (cake)

i'll look after you (larry)

baby heaven's in your eyes (larry)


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5sos: Hi



Phoenix, AZ. September 16, 2014

i am just a villain vying for attention from a girl



Make me choose » 5sosexcellence asked: luke’s shoulders or calum’s lips?


Niall at X’s club in Vegas over the weekend!

[sees a tagged post with muke] god why [opens it anyways to continue with the masochism] 

The boys for the single cover of Steal My Girl 

Anonymous asked: is it true that louis said the n word?

people say he did some people think he said ‘nick’ i however i believe neither until there’s literal clear audio of what he said but you can watch the video and decide for yourself